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A B O U T 


Graduated with a master degree in Art Direction since 2017, I'm based in the south west of France, nearby the sea. My work is inspired by the ocean and the lights of the sun, which creates a certain poetry through each project. 

A long ride through South America gave a new sense to my art, creating meaningful content and aligning authentic values.

I'm available for collaborations.


Salty Souls | Shiseido | June Swimwear | Eres | The Bradery | Albertine Swimwear | UGCB Wine | La Guitoune Restaurant | Gang Surf | Bulle Architectes | Sail Away Records | Noosa Concept Store | So Cool | Nymphet
Milo hats | Calipige Paris | 7 Flammes | Carbone +33 6 44 99 82 21

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